Monday, July 09, 2007

Writing to Change the World

Browsing my local bookstore, the "chock full of good ideas"--Moon News in Half Moon Bay, CA I stumbled upon yet another book on writing. Frankly, this is the last thing I need to read these days. My shelf is overflowing with encouraging advice to writers. I have ALL the right books about what it takes to write, how to keep going when your critic tells you, "This is lousy. What on earth every made you think you could write, my dear?" Grand advice from all the famous writers. Who needs another pep talk. I just need to write. Right? Wrong. I needed to read this book.

This isn't another "Snap to it, girl. Sit down at a regular time and just "keep your hand moving" book. No, Pipher, a therapist and to my mind, an astute socialogist has written about WHY we, who are writers, must write. Grandious, yes. Writing to Save the World is a reminder that what each of us does matters, and that writing can change things, can help one human heart to make a better choice, can make a difference. Her wise and inspiring advice has put me back on track. Thanks, Mary.

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Phoebe said...

Hi Patricia!

I smiled when I read this post about how you have shelves overflowing with encouraging writing books. Sounded very too! One of my recent favorites (it isn't intended for writers exactly but is incredibly motivating nevertheless) is a little book called Improv Wisdom-- perhaps you've heard of it? :)

I'm a Harvard Ph.D. student one month away from submitting her dissertation on wide vistas in poetry, and I spend a lot of time thinking about writing and writing about writing. (and buying books by writers for writers on writing!)

Take it from me: the author of Improv Wisdom is an incredible writer! fiesty, lively, encouraging, generous, and smart as a whip (you can just tell, somehow).

Take a look sometime... I'm sure you'll agree.

All best,